Crazy Facts About Casinos

As human beings, we all need a place to relieve ourselves and have unbound fun. There are many avenues open for that particular purpose, there is one place that is most popular and stands out among that is the casino it is the ultimate place to party and have fun it is also a place where people who have a lot of money and want to make more money come and earn the cash or burn their cash through the game of gambling it is also an ultimate place for everyone to socialize and get to know many people and also make friends. But a lot of us have little or no knowledge of the many crazy things that happen in casinos and most of the time they will be in for a rude surprise. Thus before being surprised here a few pointers that can be kept on your mind before you enter into any casino and before you start having your fun time.

Casinos pump oxygen on to the gambling floor.

This is one of the most prevalent myths that has existed since a very long time, and many of the people going to casinos still do believe this myth as they think that it makes the players alert and helps them play well. Here is why this is a myth, pumping oxygen into particular place is considered to be a felony and a highly punishable offence this is one reason why the casinos will never pump oxygen, another fact is that it is a highly flammable gas and catch fire quickly if the myth that the gambling area is pumped with oxygen then the number of people who lit their cigars would have caused many casinos to burn to the ground and cigars would have been banned from the casinos, but the casino owners admitted to pumping in some perfumes that will make people want to gamble more.

Slot machine fun


This is one machine in the gambling world that is a beloved of everybody and anyone can play this game no matter what his age, but there is a really fun history behind this machine this machine was actually used as a flavored dispenser of flavored chewing gums, and they also used to dispense tickets for free drinks so that they can stay for some more time in the casino and enjoy their time there, they also used to dispense coupons for cigars and only then did they dispense cash only after they have  given every form of perks  to their player when they begin to dispense cash, but now it has become the complete opposite as they dispense money only when you get a jackpot. Though the flavors of the chewing gums have still remained as a picture on the slot machine, it has now become a machine that people believe, shows if you are lucky or not to others.

First casino license to a lady.

The very first casino license was given to a lady by the name of Mayme Stocker in the year of 1920 for the club that she owned called as the Northern club.  Though this is a very male-dominated industry, it has its history of the first licensed casino owned by a woman.

These are some of the crazy facts about the casino.

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